Synergy development within the CS Group

Sylvain D’Hoine Head of CS SI business Unit has visited us on the 21st of February.
After the presentation of some news about the CS group and the space activities in Toulouse, we had the opportunity to exchange with him on how to improve the synergies between the French, Romanian and German teams and subsidiaries.

We are working in Germany on three projects covering several CS entities :
– GIMUS (with France and led by Germany)
– GSRF (with Germany and led by Romania)
– ICD Framework (with France and led by Germany)

The management of geographical return being nowadays crucial in the development of our activities we need to further develop those collaborations and to share expertise within the group. The coordination of our efforts shall strengthen our activities in ESA and EUMETSAT environment and offer us a wide range of new opportunities.

The meeting was followed by a buffet and the opportunity to continue informally our exchanges on the subject (and on many more)
Looking forward meeting you again very soon.