ESAW – Java EGS-CC Embedded OSGi Library

Last Wednesday (22th May 2019), CS Germany did a presentation at the ESA ESAW (European Ground System Architecture Workshop). The topic was: Java EGS-CC Embedded OSGi Library.

JEEL (Java EGS-CC Embedded OSGi Library) is a library that has been implemented by the CS team supporting the EGOS-CC project on-site at ESOC to overcome these challenges. It is designed to host an embedded OSGi container (Apache Felix – the same used by EGS-CC backend applications), thereby allowing 3rd party Java applications to access all the EGS-CC Level 0 services. For all intents and purposes, the application becomes part of the distributed set of EGS-CC Application at runtime.

This solution was initially adopted in some prototypes used to demonstrate EGS-CC end-to-end capabilities, even when the system was not fully ready to accommodate those scenarios. A small Java Swing UI (User Interface) was developed to temporarily replace the EGS-CC UIF (User Interface Framework) which was not fully functional during the early development phase of the project. A set of utilities have been implemented to both test JEEL robustness and flexibility. Those utilities included an EGS-CC Remote Service Browser UI, a simplified EGS-CC MCM Browser and an Android attempt to connect a custom made Mobile App to EGS-CC in order to retrieve operational messages.

JEEL is currently used in the ESOC EDDS-CC project, with the aim of development of an EDDS adapter to retrieve data from an EGS-CC deployed system. After the adoption of JEEL, EDDS was able to gather TM packets and parameters, TC packets, events and many other data sets from an EGS-CC runtime instance. This means that future versions of EDDS (and possibly any other existing Java based applications) will be able to work transparently with both SCOS 2000 and EGS-CC based Mission Control Systems allowing for a seamless transition.