CS Group & CFOSAT mission (SWIM Instrument)

CFOSAT (Chinese-French Oceanography SATellite) is a joint oceanographic mission between Chinese (CNSA) & French (CNES) Space agencies. The satellite will embark two radar instruments: SWIM (Surface Waves Investigation and monitoring, France) and SCAT (wind SCATterometer, China). The French Mission Center includes a NRT center in CNES and a batch mode Center in IFREMER. The LATMOS, PI of the mission, participates completely in the definition of the algorithms. On a global scale, SWIM will allow to measure the waves properties (directions of propagation, wavelength and height), whereas SCAT will aim to measure the speed of winds and their direction. The launch is planned in autumn 2018.

During ATBD Specification phases for the SWIM processing, CS Group provides the technical support on the L0 simulator, L1A processor & L2A NADIR prototypes, as well as the maintenance
/ of the visualization tool. Besides that, CS provides the chain of all the ground segment processors prototypes to generate sets of realistic data of all future operating products. CS designs and also realizes the expertise toolkit for the instrument CAL/VAL activities, within the SWEC (SWim Evaluates Cell) framework.

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