JAVA Senior Software Engineer

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Closing date: 7th August 2018

With 1.700 employees worldwide, the CS Group is a leading IT company in France and in Germany, and a prime contractor in designing, integrating and operating mission critical systems. It has now been over 30 years that comprehensive CS solutions for space systems and applications, both on the ground and in space, have been part and parcel of this odyssey. Our German activities grow at fast pace and to face our costumers’ high level expectations and needs, we are looking for talented profiles having relevant experience in Space systems.

To strengthen our team supporting on a daily basis ESA/ESOC, we are searching for a senior JAVA software engineer.
The key person will support our customer in the Operations Preparation Environment (OPEN-S) and Ground Station Monitoring and Control system (GSMC-CC) development activities.

The future generation of Monitoring and Control (M&C) ground data systems infrastructure preparation environments will be based on OPEN-CC. This will include the data system domains for
(i) spacecraft operations;
(ii) ground station operations;
(iii) operational simulators preparation environments.


Mandatory skills:

– Expertise in JAVA programing language (preferably with an official Oracle certification)
– Concrete understanding of the principals of component based software engineering
– Deep knowledge of JAVA frameworks and development tools: Eclipse RCP, EMF, GIT
– Concrete understanding of OSGi, Blueprint, Maven
– Knowledge of the EGS-CC and OPEN frameworks
– Knowledge of the ESOC Ground Station monitoring and control

The official languages are English and French.
The working language for the position is English and therefore the key person must be able to work effectively in this language.
Good communication skills are essential for the fulfilment of the tasks requiring interaction.


The main tasks to be perform by the key person are:
– Contribute to the technical requirements and to the design of the OPEN-S application
– Contribute to the concepts and requirements for using the function resources model
– Contribute to technical requirements and design for the EGOS-CC activities in general
– Development and prototyping of selected components/plugins
– Contribute to peer reviews related to the GSMC-CC application
– Define and execute the test and validation concepts and scenario.
– Identify the potential test and validation tools
– Support meetings and review related to the GSMC-CC and EGOS-CC project as necessary
– Contribute to feed-back to the OPEN and EGS-CC frameworks
– Contribute to the design of the OPEN framework

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