Company Profile

A German Odyssey

CS Group – Germany GmbH has been created end of 2011 in order to strengthen our collaboration with ESOC and EUMETSAT. In 2010 CS has been selected as frame contractor for the GFC8 and it has become obvious that it was necessary to have both management and development capabilities in the vicinity of the Agency on top of the needs to match German legal requirements (in particular AüG). After 8 years of existence, CS GmbH has now acquired the size and the capability of leading service team and large volume of activities on its own. CS GmbH, thanks to its subsidiary MOLTEK, is now composed of more than 70 team members.

Field of activity

CS GmbH is an IT Service Company specialized in space ground segment activities. Our activities cover the full life cycle of Space project from early study phases to operations.

Our main customers are ESA (ESOC and ESTEC) and EUMETSAT but we have also been involved in project for Telespazio Vega, Antwerp Space, etc…

We have applied our software and system engineering expertise mainly in 3 thematic domains:




Current organisation

Main Achievements

Some key steps provided hereinafter intend to highlight this fast growing development:

Selected as GFC8 Qualified Partner by ESOC in Ground Segment and Flight Dynamics Domain.
Awarded with AüG and successfully audited by German Labour Agency.

Selected as single frame contractor by EUMETSAT to provide software design, testing, documentation and consultancy support.
Selected as frame contractor by EUMETSAT to provide consultancy support for Copernicus Sentinel 3.

Selected as frame contractor by EUMETSAT to provide consultancy support for Engineering Support.

CS GmbH selected in ESOC GOF9 Frame Contract as:
– Subcontractor for the Astrodynamics and the Data System service and deliverable domains.
– Prime Contractor for Astrodynamics loan employment domain.
– Co-Prime Contractor for Data System and Ground Station loan employment Domain.

Awarded with AüG permanent agreement by German Labour Agency
CS GmbH has been awarded with ISO 9001 certificate

Involvement on Galileo FOC2 program

MOLTEK Consultancy Ltd. acquisition


The main strength of CS GmbH remains its engineers and consultants. The basis of our success is built on the mutual trust and respect that we have in each other and the driving force of our development is the participation of all in this success.

We are proud to be able to announce a turn-over in the last years below 2,5%.

Our financial turnover has multiplied by thirty in these five years.

The company is profitable since 2013 and is financially completely independent.